Hygiene is very important at Kangaroo Ink Patong. We follow strict hygiene procedures in our studio. The studio floors, chairs and surfaces are all kept clean at all times.

We use single use needles which are opened in front of the client. Our tattoo equipment and machinery are always sterile. We use single use cups for our inks. The tattooing surface will be covered with water-proof and clean coverings.

Our tattoo artists always wear disposable gloves and masks. We are all trained in bloodborne pathogens and infection control for tattoo artists. We complete training on a yearly basis.

Here is our latest bloodborne pathogens and infection control certificate for November 2021 – November 2022.

Kangaroo Ink Tattoo is a covid safe studio, all of our artists have been full vaccinated. We are the best tattoo studio in Patong, Phuket.